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Lifestyles: No Worry or Anxiety Over Our Lives

No Worry or Anxiety Over Our Lives

No Worry or Anxiety Over Our Lives

Number Sixteen, lifestyles biblical principle is for us not to worry or have anxiety over our lives. That’s right, we are not to worry, fret, or fear over our lives or the things we need or want.

This feels good to know, but if you are currently or have been a big “worrier” or have lived with a lot of anxiety in your life; telling you not to worry isn’t as easy as it was to type. The truth is, life is more than the things around us.

Life is more than food, drink, and clothing. We are asked by the great Teacher and Master, to look towards the behavior of nature. Such as the birds of the air, they do not sow or reap. They don’t have jobs, retirement accounts, etc.; still, the Heavenly Father takes care of them all.

We’re Made in the Image of the Lord

Sure some of these birds fly into windows, but accidents happen all of the time. Nevertheless, the birds of the sky are not better than we humans, who are made in the image of the Lord our God.

Therefore, we should live with the type of faith the birds of the air live with; and that is full faith and trust in their Creator. This does not only pertain to the birds of the air. Consider something as simple as grass or flowers.

Some of the world’s greatest men and women were not arrayed or dressed as fine as one of the flowers of the field.

These flowers are here today and gone tomorrow like they were nothing. This tells us to stop worrying and instead, bring up our faith. In fact, worrying over little stuff is what the nations and the Gentiles seek after and do.

Up the Faith Strong People in Your Life

God, our Father, knows all the things we need before we even ask. Our whole mission is to seek the Kingdom of God, become a citizen of God’s Kingdom, regains the right standing (righteousness) of the Heavenly Kingdom, and all the things a Kingdom citizen desires, wants, and needs in life will be added to such.

How do we up the faith? We begin by “upping” or increasing the level of faith-based people we are consistently around. By faith-based, we are implying they believe in getting things done; and not just a belief in a religion or God.

These faith based people are optimistic about life. To alleviate our stress, worry, and anxiety, we should add more optimists and believers to our circles. And we should remove the pessimists, even if they believe in God. We certainly should love them, but we must limit our association with pessimists, because they lack faith and will cause that spirit to drape onto us.

This is Divine Power

The pessimist-spirit will bring worry and anxiety back into our life. So, don’t fret about tomorrow, the Lord already has tomorrow taking care of itself! This great Divine Power is bigger than us and anything we can ever think of, and the good news is that it is on our side.


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