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Lifestyles: If You’re Weary and Tired

Number Thirty-Seven: If you’re weary and tired, give your burdens and weariness to the Lord. You will find rest and ease in your soul. Put it this way, plenty of people are tired because their brain or mind uses up so much energy thinking and worrying about silly things.

Maybe the thing is worth worrying about such as an ill child or no money for huge medical bills. Nevertheless, “faithing” about it takes no energy; worrying about it, on the other hand, takes a massive amount of energy. This wears a person down. It will wear you down, it will wear me down (and has).

This was until I was reminded of what the great Master said about our burdens and worries. Come to the Lord of peace and rest, all who are laden and burdened, and He will give you rest. Bible disciples should be good with that, however, allow me to share some practical ways to clear the mind as well.

If You’re Weary and Tired… Turn to the Lord

To clear the mind is step one of giving your burdens to the Lord. First thing, get a pad and paper and begin writing all the things you have to do; write all the thing worrying you. Write it all on paper.

The idea is to get it out of your head and onto a paper where you won’t worry about forgetting it. For example, “Don’t forget to call Brenda back about Lauri’s behavior at school.” The original worry is Lauri’s behavior at school. A secondary worry showed up called “don’t forget to call Brenda.”

All of these take up bit space in your brain causing stress and worry. Therefore, write everything down that you seem to be concerned about or worried about. Now here are the remaining steps; protect your health with a fake fast.

Fake Fast

Drink nothing but water, black coffee (one cup in the morning), green tea, and wheatgrass. Eat nothing but watermelon, cucumber, lemons, pomegranate, strawberries, and blueberries. Just for a couple days from six am to six pm.

It’s fasting from your normal food and putting healthier things in the temple. Eat as much of the above as you want and need. Therefore it is a fake fast but one that will chemically help your body. It’s very practical. Next, get some sunlight.

At noon in your local time, get outside and let the sun hit the top of your head and spine for ten to fifteen minutes (if you’re lighter skinned, take a couple minutes off). Next thing, do like Daniel, and meditate/pray every three hours.

Smile Laugh and Give it Away

Go to a quiet place, be thankful and take seven or twelve deep breaths and say “thank you” after each one. You can say, “I’m so grateful,” also. In addition, you can take a nap if you’re fatigued in the afternoon. Go to your car and take a 10-minute short nap.

Read scripture or a specific book that will put a smile on your face, and a laugh in your heart. Lastly, the most important thing; take the paper you wrote all your worries on. In a prayer, give them to the Master Lord and say, “These are for You!”

Just be sure to ask for the tasks you have to work on, and in which order, and how to do it. Thank the Master, and go to sleep! Do that every night. If you are weary and tired, give your burdens and weariness to the Master Lord.


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