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Lifestyles: Founded on Solid Foundation

Founded on Solid Foundation

Founded on Solid Foundation

Lifestyles of kingdom living through biblical principles, the series, here with another principle. This is number twenty-three. How we will fix the world community, through the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s vital to take the wise sayings and admonitions from our forefathers and the Lord seriously, to do them. If we do, we will be counted wise, like a workman who builds his house, founded on solid foundation.

Storms and rain can come down, winds can harass, but the house will remain standing firm because it is founded on solid foundations. If we do not take the sayings and do them, we will be counted as a foolish workman.

The Psychology of Man

The foolish workman built his house on weak sandy foundations. The storms and winds beat on the house and flattened it to the ground. Great is that kind of fall. Think about the psychology of man! Children today, are being nurtured, disciplined, structured, and loved in their first 5 or 10 years of life if they are blessed. They are being given a great foundation.

With such foundation, they can become successful in anything they wish and put their minds to do. When struggles, difficulties, affliction, and harsh challenges beat against them, they will be better battled tested to persevere.

This is because of the solid foundation that was built into them. The foolish workman raised his child with weak foundations; no struggles, no difficulties, little to no affliction, no challenges, they help the child through every challenge and tell her it is okay when she fails or does a terrible job.

Give more attention to the solid foundation

They compliment her for not giving her best, they don’t correct. She grows up with a shaky foundation and when the smallest of storms comes by, she is demolished. This is done with mankind, machines, houses, jobs, careers, and most important, in families and communities.

Give more attention to the solid foundation. Sweet and sour only last an hour, build your house right, founded on a solid foundation!


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