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Lifestyles: Avoid Alienation Both Ways

Avoid Alienation Both Ways

Avoid Alienation Both Ways

Number Twenty-Nine, to fix or improve the world community is to avoid alienation. Avoid alienating people in the community who are known as the “no-goods” the drunks, “partiers,” scums and bums, predators, and free-lifers.

Do not alienate yourself from those who do not believe in the Lord, in church, and in a spiritual life. It is normal to naturally want to distance or remove yourself. Most likely, they are not on the same frequency as you are.

They have a different vibration, meaning they simply like doing different things than you. These things are often destructive things that are ripping their life apart and could do the same to you.

Those Who Are Alienated Most Need Spiritual Healing… 

Therefore it is natural to decide to stay away from them, alienating them. Remember, healthy people do not need a doctor, the sick do. The very people who the community often alienates itself from, are the very people who need spiritual, fundamentally structured people the most.

The Lord is come to call the sinner to repentance, not those in right-standing. Understand what this means! If you do, if we do, we will become more able to bridge the gap between the righteous and the unrighteous.

We will close the gap between the do-goods, and the no-goods. This is good for the Kingdom’s sake and good for us. On the flip side, if you’re on the side of the no-goods, unrighteousness, the troublesome makers, and you’re alienating yourself from old friends, hear this.

Don’t Judge!

You may be alienating yourself because you’re taking that trip down the bad side of things; as uncomfortable as it feels, come back (slowly and here is how). Find someone who won’t preach to you, but will talk with you, human to human.

Find someone who has spiritual understanding, who doesn’t judge, or make you feel you are a “no-good,” and give your conversation to them. Blessings.


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