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Thirty Pieces of Silver

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Open your doors, right away, open your doors O Lebanon! Open your doors wide so that fire can devour your great cedars. Let the fir tree howl aloud because she watched the cedars fall to their demise.

Why all of this?

It is because the mighty of the earth are spoiled. Howl aloud, howl aloud for the oaks of Bashan, because the vintage forest has come down! Listen! Hearken! Listen! There is a sound of howling shepherds.

Do you hear them?

They are howling because their impact on the earth is ending; their glory is spoiled. They hear the voice of roaring young lions coming, and the pride of Jordan is spoiled. This is what the Sovereign Lord my God says, “Feed the flock of the slaughter!” “Their possessors kill them, destroy them and claim innocence in their work,” says the Lord.

“The sellers of the destroyed flock claim to be blessed by the Lord; they say they are rich,” says the Lord God. “The shepherds of the abused and destroyed flock has absolutely no pity on them at all,” said the Owner.

“So I will no longer pity the inhabitants of the earth,” says the Lord, “But I will allow every man to be bound by his neighbor, and into the hand of his king.” “Yes,” says the Lord, “They will destroy the earth and I will not deliver them at all!” “I will only tend to the poor of the flock,” says the Lord, “I will feed the flock of slaughter.”

Bands and Beauty

“See, I took two staffs,” the Lord said, “One I called Beauty, the other I called Bands; I used these to lead and feed the flock.” The Beauty was for Favor, the Bands was for Union and Fellowship. “Three shepherds, three of them,” says the Sovereign Lord, “I cut off in one month (go see the records).”

The Lord continued, “I cut them off because my Soul lost patience with them because their soul detested Me, the Living Waters.” “I determined in My heart,” says the Lord, “that I will not feed the rebels any longer.

“Whoever is to die, let them die; whoever is to be cut off, let them be cut off, and the rest,” says the Lord, “let them eat each other until they are gone.” “My staff of Beauty (Favor),” says the Lord, “I broke it in two and I voided my covenant I made with all the people!”

Pay a Price of Breaching the Covenant

“And yes indeed,” says the Lord, “It was broken that day; and those who know Me, the poor of the flock that waits upon Me; they knew this was the word of the Lord!” “Then I said to them, if you think voiding this covenant is good, pay Me my price of breaching; and if not, do not worry about it.” “They discussed with themselves privately and came back and gave me thirty pieces of silver!”

And then the Lord said to Me, “Put it into the potter; it is a good price for them to give.” “I took the thirty pieces of silver and put them to the potter in the house of the Lord.” “I completely cut down My other staff called Bands (Union), and this broke the brotherly bond between Judah and Israel.”

Then the Lord said to me, “Take the instruments of a foolish shepherd because I will raise up a shepherd in the land.” “This shepherd,” says the Lord, “will not visit those who are cut off and lost; neither will he seek the young, nor heal the broken; he will not feed those who are in good shape, but he will eat the flesh of those who have fatness upon them.”

The Shepherds are in Trouble

“Then he will tear their claws in pieces, so they can’t fight against him,” says the Lord. “Curse you idol shepherds,” says the Lord, “who leave the flock; the sword will be upon his arm and right eye. “Yes, his arm will be dried up, and his right eye will be completely darkened,” says the Sovereign Lord.

Selah (this article is based on Zechariah chapter 11)

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