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Leviticus Chapter 18 Summary

Leviticus Chapter 18

In Leviticus chapter 18 summary, God reminds the children of Israel to keep away from doing the behavior that the Egyptians did in their land, and also the Canaanites do in theirs.

The message is to not walk in their (strangers) ordinances, but instead walk in God’s ordinances and ways. Some of these vile acts included things like lying (intimately-sleeping) with your near kin; this is not to be done in Israel, as it was in Canaan.

God listed a long list of people who the children of Israel are not to “uncover their nakedness.” These are obvious things for the generation today to understand, but maybe not so obvious back then.

Leviticus Chapter 18 Summary

For instance, a man should not lay with his daughter in law or his brother’s wife; a man lying with man (carnally) as he would with a woman is an abomination.

Likewise, a woman laying with a woman (carnally), or a woman laying with her nephew, is also outlawed and is an abomination.

These are abominations and should not be done or the perpetrator would be cut off among his people!

They defile the perpetrator and thus defile the land and God will visit the iniquity of the people if they do this and spue the children of Israel out of the land as God had done the people before them.

We pray the Father to add blessings to the reading and doing of His Holy Word through His Son Jesus the Messiah. Amen!

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