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Leviticus Chapter 11 Summary


Leviticus chapter 11 summary begins with God commanding Moses/Israel of the living animals they (as well as mankind) are allowed to eat on the earth.

Beginning with the land based animals, in order to eat it, it must have a parted hoof (clovenfooted) and chew the cud in order for man to consume it. If it does not do/have both of these, then it is considered an unclean animal.

For the children of Israel, this is considered an abomination. The camel is considered unclean because it chews the cud, but does not have a divided hoof. An unclean animal’s carcase is not even to be touched.

Water Based Beast

For the creatures of the waters, in order to consume them, they must have both fins and scales. All that do not have fins and scales are an abomination to the children of Israel/God.

Fowls of the Air

Of the fowls or birds of the air, they are listed by beast instead of specific functions as with the beast of the land and water.

In summary, all fowls that creep on all four, predator birds, big birds, night birds, and artistic birds are unclean. In addition, creeping things like weasels, mice, tortoise, ferrets, chameleons, lizards, and snails are unclean.

Anything that died on its own is unclean. God is sanctifying His people by their food, and God is Holy, thus commanding His children to be Holy also.

Leviticus Chapter 11 Summary

Eating unclean foods defiles the human body, this is the law of the beasts that makes a difference between clean and unclean.

We ask the Father to add blessings to the reading and doing of His Holy Word through His Son Jesus the Messiah. And we all agree!

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