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Larry King Wanted to Be Frozen Part Two

This was an article written in 2011 or so, God rest the dead because I believe Larry King passed on in the year 2021. I thought to revisit this article to add some insight and see if I had any spiritual growth in eleven years. I hope so; let’s dive in.

At a dinner party at his home that he titled “Dinner with the Kings” (his family name, but insinuated he and his guest kings) Larry King, CNN TV talk host invited several guests, which included Tyra Banks, Conan O’Brien, Shaquille O’Neal, Seth McFarlane, Russell Brand, Quincy Jones, and Peter Dorsey (founder of Twitter) to talk on several different topics.

As the conversation went from subject to subject, the topic of death was brought up. McFarlane (Family Guy creator) spoke on his fear of death as did Larry King. It was at this time that Larry King said, “I want to be frozen…” O’Brien, who provided much of the comedy for the night, hung onto this because of the absurdity of the statement.

For one Larry King does not appear to be a man who takes great care of his health, well, despite successfully living 78 years (he must be doing something right). I do not see him eating fruits and veggies, and further, I do not see him downing all the known vitamins and minerals as nutrients he is required to intake.

Larry King Wants to Be Frozen, Do You?

Further, I’m not sure if he still does, but by the sound of his raspy trademark voice, I’m sure he still downs a cigar or cigarette or two. This is a sign of someone who may fear death but does not care much to do basic things to avoid it or at least prolong it.

This is not a health article, but the premise of the conversation is stationed around the fear of death based on having no faith. He fears death because he has no faith in an afterlife. He said if he had a belief in an afterlife, perhaps he would not be so fearful.

This is basic psychology, we all have a fear of the unknown to cure the fear all one would have to do is research all the theories of the afterlife and pick the most logical one to have faith in. Obviously, this is not as easy as it was to write in the previous sentence, but historically no one has ever been able really to tell what happens after death.

The Idea of the Afterlife…

The only one that has carried any weight throughout the generations has been Jesus Christ. Only Jesus Christ has been able to tell people what potential they have after they die. Any good bible study will tell of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The promise of eternal life is given to all who keep the commandments of God.

According to the bible, death is promised to all who do not live until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. However, redemption from death is promised to those who keep the commandments and hold the testimony of Jesus Christ. Death then does not become such a gruesome thing if you are adhering to the words of Jesus Christ.

If a bus happens to plow into you or you fall off a ladder on the fourth floor and you die, you can hold onto the faith that Jesus will be with you, even unto death (Psalm 48:14).

Larry King Wanted to Be Frozen … Would You?

Larry King and everyone should not try silly things like freezing yourself and stealing organs. Instead, only humbly stay close to the Being that holds your breath in His hands, obey Him and love Him. Then you will not fear death, you will love life. I have to laugh because even without God in the world, freezing myself would not be an option.

Larry King wants to freeze himself, but what he really wants is eternal life, and salvation, through Jesus Christ.

The popular phrase, “YOLO,” helped removed a lot of faith of the people. The phrase stood for, “You Only Live Once.” But the phrase is not true. According to sealed records, the phrase should be, “YOLT.” Not the same ring to it, but it stands for “You Only Live Thrice.” Thrice is three times.

According to the Book of the Seven Seals, we were created as spirits. We then came to earth for our trial run and are having a human experience. From here, we take on a glorified body that is permanent. Therefore, we live three times or thrice. Our first estate, second estate, and final estate (based on our choice during our second estate).

It is high time you begin to look into these things. Or ask your leaders to look into them with you. OR… you can look into them with us IKOPPI-BSM, that is Israel Kingdom of Priest Preparatory Institute with Bible Study Ministry. We will, for sure, dig into these with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost, and our Messiah.

God bless, Godspeed

Minister Koko aka Elder Ishe



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