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Kingdom of Priests: The Kingdom of God Understood

Kingdom of Priests: The Kingdom of God Understood

The Kingdom of God Understood believes the Bible is one assimilated narrative that points to or is about Jesus Christ, His coming Kingdom on the earth, with His royal family. We also believe the Bible has a great amount of profound practical wisdom we can utilize in our everyday lives as we journey towards the Lord’s Kingdom together.

We quote this at the end of many of our more current blog posts because we want this engrained in our hearts/minds, and also in hearts and minds of our readers as well. Although the Bible is ideally saying this, we believe the message gets lost, has gotten lost in past times, and is sometimes just ignored by governments, churches, and people in general.

No problem, because that is why we (and many people like us) are blogging, vlogging and sharing much of the educated spiritualness of God’s Word with the many who are seeking truth and knowledge.

Understanding the Kingdom of God

With (BSM), we also love posting chapter studies, summaries, study topics, lifestyle enhancements, and current events. We also have some other cool stuff coming soon that we believe Bible readers and believers will absolutely love.

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This post pertains to our Kingdom of Priest series; this series is to get a good understanding of the Kingdom. This may be a bit of a new concept for many readers, but we ask that you bear with the process of learning and dissecting new information. We live in a time period where if something doesn’t fit, we quickly acquit.

That is not the best model any longer.

Most of the time, there is wisdom and knowledge in everything, and I adjure you to take the good from things to make a whole, or you could miss out. This post is titled, the Kingdom of God understood. Is it clearly understood by you?

Well, let me summarize it really quickly again; the Bible story is about a King, His earthly Kingdom, and His earthly royal family. If the Bible is about a King, His Kingdom, royalty, dominance, and His priestly kingly subjects; where did we get all the extra stuff from. The preachers, pastors, priests, choirs, deacon boards, holy spirit, sermons, eucharist, christmas, easter, and a line of other “religious” wordings?

How did we get so far away from the simple concept of a Kingdom on the earth? Well, we did what every man and woman just love to do; we complicated things. In Genesis chapter one, two, and three, the baseline of the conflict is presented, which we will look into deeply as we go on.

Rejecting the Kingdom is Rebellion… Sin

We have all of the “religious stuff” is because we went away from the way of simplicity (2 Corinthians 11:3). In short, when the citizens (mankind) went away from the great King and His expansion intent, they went away from goodness and righteousness; and moving away from an established King or Government is ideally called rebellion.

In the beginning for mankind, God set up a Kingdom, God completely prepared the Kingdom for man. This is read in Genesis chapter one. The first thing God put into the Kingdom was knowledge wisdom and understanding, and He separated it from ignorance.

People find it difficult to admit that most of their problems in life do not come specifically from a so-called “evil one,” or the devil. No, instead, ninety percent of their problems typically come from their own ignorance.

This ignorance is what is called being in the dark.

God brought forth light and divided it from the darkness (Genesis 1:3-5). We no longer have to be in the dark about anything. The very foundation of the Kingdom of God is built on the great Light. The light or enlightened ones are those who have the truth, they have wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

With this, they also possess the ability to reason. Everything a person needs is in the heavens and earth because there is Light in them. In the Hebrew history book of Isaiah, in chapter 9 and verse 2 it says, “The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.”

In other words, truth, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding came upon them (upon us). Rather, it was put in the earth in the beginning of this project of expansion by the great King. The great Light is repeated again in Matthew 4:16.

Being in the Dark!

Both references are referring to the King, known by name as Jesus, in English, and Yeshua in Hebrew. He is the great Light that the Heavenly Kingdom sent to the earth. When Jesus came to the earth, light is what He brought to it.

This means that with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in the world, we literally have everything we need to live and dominate. This also goes to say, if anything is lacking in our lives today, it is because of darkness in that area of our life. This is often a difficult thing for people to admit or come to terms with.

Much of the church today is in the dark about the power and glory they have and had as it pertains to government and kingdom dominion. We’ve gone from kingdom and government to church because we have been held in or locked in the recovery process (which will be explained later in this series).

the Kingdom of God Understood through Scripture Study

This has obstructed the commission to expand. We will stop here for today, I believe this series will be very edifying and helpful for the understanding of Scripture, kingdom, and God’s plans. Look out for it and bring a friend, it will make good for discussion and edification.

God bless.

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