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Chapter Summaries: 1st Kings Chapter 5 Summary

Here with another one of our chapter summaries, this one on 1 Kings chapter 5 summary. Chapter five of first Kings begins with the king of Tyre named Hiram. He loved David, and saw Solomon (David’s son) was anointed in David’s place. Solomon sent to have king Hiram send diligent workers to build the temple of God.

The Sidonians were called because there were none like the Sidonians when it came to hewing timber; also there were no cedar trees like the trees in Lebanon. The king of Tyre and Israel made a league together. They worked together in supplying what the Temple of God would need.

They brought in great expensive stones for the foundation of the the LORD’s house. Both Israel and Hiram’s builder worked to fashion the house of the LORD.

1st Kings Chapter 5 Summary

There were over 3,000 overseers (upper management) on the Holy Godly project, overseeing the work being done, and over 30,000 men who worked physically on the project.

They took turns working a month at a time, 10,000 at a time. Employment was great during Solomon’s days. This is the summary of first Kings chapter 5.

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