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Kingdom of Priests: God Assembling the Kingdoms

God Assembling the Kingdoms of Priests

God Assembling the Kingdoms

Zephaniah writes (in chapter three of his writings) in regards to children of the Kingdom, in the final generation before the Lord’s return to the earth. Zephaniah expressed patience, the need to wait patiently for the Lord to return. Kingdom citizens cannot lose faith, nor can we grow weary.

The reason why is because God our King is determined to gather all nations together to witness His works, on a far grander level, the likes of what He did in Egypt. Only this time, God’s fight will be for the entire world to observe His glory.

God is doing this so He can assemble the kingdoms of the earth in the correct manner. In order to get the earth into the right manner, a bit violence has to take place, nevertheless it is for the good because it will correct evil in the earth (Zephaniah 3:8).

Assembling God’s Kingdom

It is like the surgery to correct a body function, the bloodshed and pain is necessary to keep the whole, to correct the dysfunction.

After the bloodshed and kingdoms are assembled, the King will turn the earth into a pure language. If you’ve never taken a foreign language, you will at that time and it will be a pure language. The entire earth will speak this pure language for the sole reason of collectively being on one page to call upon the name of the Lord and serve Him with one mind.

Everyone will have agreed on God’s name and on who He is because we’ll all have one language to go by (Zephaniah 3:9). More on one language in a later chapter.

All nations will bring the King gifts and offerings as a way to clear their debt for any oppression and mistreatment of people they may have done, especially the Lord’s people.

The King of Israel in the Midst

Zephaniah chapter 3 verse 15 says, the Lord will have taken away evil judgments in the earth, and will have removed all the enemies of the earth. The King of Israel will be in the midst of Israel, the earth and the Lord’s saints will no longer see evil.


It is because the King of Israel is here on the earth, ruling. The King of Israel is also the King of Peace and Righteousness.

Haggai, yet another prophet, writes that God will shake the heavens and the earth and will overthrow the throne of the kingdoms of the earth. Is that any different than what all of the prophets have been writing?

No, it isn’t, in fact it is very consistent, consistently frightening to a certain degree. God says He will destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the earth, destroy their armies, and take back sovereign rule (Haggai 2:22).

King’s overthrow bad kings and kingdoms, and this is God’s determination. I’m not sure about you, but I’m excited for the redemption, but saddened at the cost, nevertheless, I side with the King of Glory of Israel.


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