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Kingdom of Priests: King Over All the Earth

King Over All the Earth

King Over All the Earth

When Israel’s King arrives, and God assembles and assumes control over the earth, the Lord will be King over all the earth. The earth will have one Owner (Lord), and with the official one pure language He gives to the earth, His name will become one (Zechariah 14:9).

This is to say, the Lord name will be universally called up by all people in the same language. In addition to this, all people (who are left) will be required to come up from year to year to worship the King and keep His celebrations or festivals, like the Festival of Tabernacles (v16).

Yes, the Lord God commanded in the past, and will command in the future for His Kingdom citizens to keep seven annual high Sabbaths. There are three annual festivals in celebration of His great work and works in salvaging the earth (see Deut 16:16).

Ignoring the King of All the Earth?

To ignore the King’s celebratory feasts or festivals is rebellion (sin), and distastefully offsetting. It is also disrespectful. It reminds me of the parable of the marriage supper where many were invited but so many made excuses not to attend the King’s function (Luke 14:16-20). Invitations were revoked!

If the King hosts a party and you were invited to attend, to decline the invitation is a gesture of indifference and a lack of reverence and respect towards the King. Essentially, it is putting more worth in whatever made you decline the King’s invitation.

As it is today, so will it be when the Lord is on the earth ruling from Jerusalem. Whoever decides against coming up before the King to keep the festival of tabernacles, or any of the other festivals of the Lord, such person will face the consequences of their actions and behavior (v17-18).

Why so harsh?

It is because at this time the Lord will be ruling the earth with absolutely zero tolerance for rebellion. God will not allow Satan freedom to tempt and deceive during this time period. Therefore, all temptation and deception put into action will come from one’s own mind. This is why there will be zero tolerance, and this is why the earth will be more peaceful.


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