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Judges Chapter 7 Summary


Here we are in Judges chapter 7 summary; it began with Gideon, now known as Jerubbaal. He prepared to attack the Midianites with his army.

God let’s him know he has too many men in his army; they may believe they conquered Midian on their own strength and numbers.

God orders Gideon to send some men home. Jerubbaal was left with ten thousand, which God still thought was too much.

Judges Chapter 7 Summary

More were sent home!

The Lord then used an exercise to get rid of some more; so his army was down to three hundred men. God was content with this number (similar number Abram had when he went to recapture his nephew Lot in Genesis 14:14).

The Midianites were like the sand of the sea in number, so Jerubbaal was still slightly afraid. God had to strengthen him by letting him hear the conversation the Midianites were having.

The Midianites were scared of Jerubbaal, and this gave him confidence to attack. He broke his three hundred men into three companies and gave them each a trumpet, empty pitchers, and lamps within the pitchers.

The broke the pitchers while shouting, “the sword of the Lord, and of Gideon,” and Midian was fearful. The Midianites began fighting each other and they also fled.

Captured were two princes of Midian, Oreb and Zeeb; they were both killed.

We pray the Father to add blessings to the reading and doing of His Holy Word through His Son Jesus the Messiah. Amen!

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