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Judges Chapter 2 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Judges chapter 2 summary began with bad news for the Israelites. An angel of the LORD came and demanded to know why the children of Israel made leagues or covenants with the inhabitants of the land.

The angel asked why had they not thrown down their altars? Essentially, the angel wanted to know why they hadn’t obeyed the voice of the LORD. Because of this, the angel declared that these same people will become thorns and distractions in their sides.

In addition, their gods will become snares or traps for Israel. Obviously, the chapter was a bit out of order as it recapped Joshua’s death again, which he lived for 110 years.

Judges Chapter 2 Summary

Along with Joshua, his generation eventually died, and there came up a new generation and they did not know the LORD, nor God’s works in Egypt for Israel. They forsook the LORD and did evil in His sight by serving Baalim and the gods of the people around them.

Baal and Ashtaroth were among the gods the new generation of the children of Israel served. God was very angry about this and turned His back on Israel.

However, God showed a little mercy by raising up judges to deliver them, but most of the time they did not even listen to the judges. God did not fully participate as HE was supposed.

The LORD would’ve driven out the nations that Joshua didn’t drive out before he died. God did this to prove Israel, to see if they would follow the LORD or not. This is the summary of Judges chapter 2, and glory to the Highest!


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