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Judges Chapter 17 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Judges chapter 17 summary surrounds a man named Micah and his idols of worship. The chapter began with Micah who was from the tribe and mount of Ephraim. Micah confessed something he did against his mother.

He and his mother obviously were not really aligned with the ways of the LORD and we can tell by their course of actions. He first confessed that he’d stolen the money (silver) from her and now was returning the money.

She blessed him for being truthful and again, gave the money to him to make a molten image. They took two hundred shekels of silver and made a graven and molten image, which remained in Micah’s house.

Judges Chapter 17 Summary

This man had a house of gods (images), he also made an ephod, teraphim, and made one of his own sons his priest. In those days, Israel had judges but no king, so people did what they saw was right in their own eyes (such as consecrate their own sons to be their own personal priest).

However, his son would lose this job because a young Levite man journeyed into their coast and ran into Micah. Micah hired the young Levite to become his priest and father (sounds Catholic).

Micah was very happy and felt the Lord would finally do him good because he had one of the Lord’s Levites dwelling with him. This is the summary of Judges chapter 17, glory to the Almighty God.


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  1. Len Len

    Only 200 shekels of silver were used to make the idol. Not the whole 1100 that the boy stole from his mother.

    • All praises to the ALMIGHTY, thank you brother Len for the correction, we have corrected the error. Bless you and continue in grace.

      Eld Ishe

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