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Judges Chapter 10 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Judges chapter 10 summary began with the new judge who arose after Abimelech’s death. The judge was a man from the tribe of Issachar. He arose in Israel and his name was Tola. He judged Israel for twenty-three years before he died.

After Tola, a man named Jair judged 22 years. Jair is noted to have had thirty sons. He was a busy man in family affairs. However, after Jair, Israel went back to the pagan gods of Baalim and Ashtaroth, and the gods of Syria, Zidon, Moab, Ammon, and the Philistines.

Judges Chapter 10 Summary

These are the nations around them. They left their God for these other nation’s gods. Shameful. This cost Israel 18 years of oppression under the hands of the Philistines and the children of Ammon.

When Israel cried to God this time, God sent them to their pagan gods to be delivered. God was tired of the “makeup to break up,” routine. However, they profusely apologized and put away the strange gods, and God was grieved at their misery.

The chapter ended as Israel prepared to fight against their oppressors. This is the summary of Judges chapter 10, glory to the GOD of Israel.


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    • Cynthia L Simmons Cynthia L Simmons

      how come the bible does not give more information Jair, Tola they serve between the two 50 years if you have more please send it too me i am doing a study on Judges

      • That’s a good question Cynthia, many stories are for our edification so the scribes can pull what they must to allow us to focus on the weightier matters. That’s my take at least. Bless you.

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