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Jesus our Intercessor

1st Kings Chapter 13 Summary

Jesus Our Intercessor for All Times

Thank you for joining us on this online bible study, we are glad you’re here.  In this post we are going to talk about Jesus our intercessor.

If you have ever been pulled over for a speeding ticket or accused of a crime and had to represent yourself in court or were given a public defender, you probably learned that this was not going to be the best defense for your case.

We are blessed that we do not have a public defender to represent us in the judgment of the great God. We have an advocate, Jesus the Christ, it He that is our defense. Jesus is our intercessor; this means He is the bridge that will ultimately connect us back to the Father.

Otherwise, we do not have a chance at getting to the Father for anything, not even to defend ourselves before Him. This article was put together titled “Jesus our Intercessor”, because the average Christian simply does not understand the order pertaining to the protocol over the House of God.

Pleading Our Cause Before the Father

In order for man to get a message to the Father, man must have an Intercessor; that is somebody that “intercedes” for man. Man needs this because the Father does not deal with flesh and blood! Therefore man needs someone who is in the presence of the Father to plead man’s cause (similar to what we see a defense attorney doing in court).

The definition of the word intercessor is one who “intercedes or goes between parties as a mediator; to entreaty in favor of another.” People often make their prayers to Jesus, mother Mary, and so on. Doing this is vain and incorrect.

Jesus told us to pray to the FATHER in His Name, because Jesus is the Intercessor. Praying to the Father in the name of Jesus gives our prayer a chance to be heard. That’s why the Father put EVERYTHING, including judgment, in the hands of Jesus Christ. He is the Intercessor (John 14 v6-7, 13-16).

The Levitical Priesthood Helps Explain This

To fully understand this, all we must do is really understand the ole Levi priesthood. There always had to be a high priest over the house of God to “intercede” for the people (once sin was brought in).

Today, in many religions, oddly enough even in Christianity, many circumvent Jesus and go directly to the Father. These are people who like to speak to “the person in charge!” They get all upset with the AT&T representative over the phone with a dispute about their bill, and request to speak to the ‘Manger’ in charge.

Biblically speaking, Jesus the Christ is in charge, all letters to the Father must go through the Messiah. In the book of Acts it says the name of Jesus is the only name given under the sun whereby men might be saved.

The Door is Jesus Our Intercessor

Essentially we cannot get around this, and this means if anyone expects to receive the gift of salvation, they have to go through the Door. The Door is the Intercessor Jesus Christ. This is as good enough reason to be very careful with Jesus. We would not insult and speak terribly about an attorney who is to defend us, would we?

To get a full understanding of why and how Jesus is the intercessor; one would have to have clear understanding of the life and job of Moses. Moses was the prophet that was like unto Jesus. He (Moses) was the intercessor for the children of Israel.

When the Lord was set to destroy Israel for their sins, it was Moses who stood in the gap and pleaded the Lord not to destroy them. If any other tried, they would not have even been able to get close enough to say, “Excuse me Lord.”

Allow Jesus to intercede for you; pray to the Father in Jesus name for intercession. The only way to receive the free gift of salvation is through Jesus Christ. He is the current High Priest. All can approach the High Priest, but only the High Priest can approach the Father. Jesus is our High Priest and our Intercessor; praise the Father in Jesus name for this.


Elder Ishe

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