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Jesus Christ the Righteous


Jesus Christ the RighteousMy little children, readers of, servants of our Lord Jesus Christ all over, I write these things to you that you avoid sinful nature. Nevertheless if any of you shall sin, know we all have an advocate to the Father, who is Jesus Christ the Righteous.

Jesus Christ the Righteous

We must understand that Jesus Christ is the propitiation for our sins, and not just for us, but for the entire world. We can feel confident knowing that we truly know God if we keep God’s commandments. There is no other way truly know.

If any of us claims to know who God is and do not keep God’s commandments, we lie to ourselves, and the truth is not in us. When we do keep God’s Word, the love and nature of God is perfected in us and we know we are in God.

If we claim to abide in Jesus Christ the Righteous, we ought to walk and do as Jesus Christ Himself did.

A New Commandment

I write no new commandment to you, but an old one, one you’ve heard from the beginning. However, a new commandment I write to you as well; thanks to Jesus Christ, we are passing from darkness into true light. Jesus is the Light.

Now here me, if anyone of you hates your brother, but say that you are in the light of our Lord Jesus Christ, you are in darkness still and do lie. If you love your brother, you are in light and will not stumble.

Darkness has blinded your eyes if you hate your brother and you will remain in darkness. Little children, I write this because Jesus Christ the Righteous has forgiven your sins. You fathers, I write because you’ve known about Jesus Christ since the beginning.

Young men, I’m writing to you because you have overcome the wicked one, and you children, I write, because you know the Father. I tell you, do not love the things of the world, because you cannot love the world and have the Father in you.

The world follows firmly after the flesh and lust of the eyes, the pride of life, all of these are not of our Father in Heaven. Remember, the world passes on my friend, the lust of it passes away, but those of us who do the will of God will be forever.

Last Days Deception

Remember in the last days, antichrist will rise up. Our Lord Jesus Christ told us of these things (John 16:4). There will be many antichrist, this is one of the signs of the last days. These antichrists were in the church, but went out from us to be manifest that they are not with us.

But not you, no, not you, you have an anointing from Jesus Christ the Holy One, therefore you know all things of the Father. I’m not writing because you do not know the truth of GOD, but because rather you do.

The liars of the world deny that Jesus is the Messiah from God. They deny the Father and the Son, they are whom the Psalmist wrote of in Psalm 2:1-3. Don’t deny Jesus Christ, because when you do, you deny the Father also.

Let it abide in you as you’ve heard from the beginning to continue in the Godhead of the Father and Son, to receive the promise of eternal life.

Watch for Seducers

Be Careful of seducers who come to you privately with gainsay; remain in God’s anointing and you will not be influenced by seducing teachers. The anointing will teach you in truth with no lie.

Now little children, abide in Jesus Christ the Righteous so when He appears we will be confident and not ashamed as one ill prepared. If you know that Jesus is righteous, you also know that every one that does righteously, is born of Him.

Grace and Peace in Jesus name


Koko Ishe



This article is a rewrite of Brother John’s first letter, chapter 2.

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