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Jeremiah 23:5 What the World Really Want

Jeremiah 23:5 What the World Really Want

In the world that we live in, full of injustice, murder, greed, and overall ungodliness; it is refreshing and hopeful to know the scripture. It is enlightening and comforting to know God has our back and front, and will usher in a world of peace and love for His children to dwell in safely.

In Jeremiah 23:5, it says the days are coming when the Lord will raise up to David a righteous Branch and a King. The righteous Branch and King will rule and prosper in the earth and will execute judgment and justice in the earth.

When this happens, Judah and Israel will dwell safely, and so will the entire world, and they will call this King and righteous Branch, The Lord Our Righteousness. The world really wants good judgment, justice, and equity in the earth.

We need to be happy that Jesus Christ will bring it in; He will reign and prosper for all His saints. Amen.

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