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Lifestyles: Giving to the Poor the Right Way

Giving to the Poor the Right Way

Giving to the Poor the Right Way

Most people don’t know this, but there is a right and wrong way to give to the poor and less fortunate. I remember one my sports coaches when I was a teenager use to tell me and my teammates we didn’t know how to watch TV the right way.

I guess we were flipping channels to quickly for him. With him there was a right way to watch TV, the right way to do this, to do that, he even had a right way to talk on the phone. These are extremes, but when it comes to giving, especially giving to the poor the right way is vital.

When giving to the poor or less fortunate, avoid giving for the prestige and honor you’ll get in the eyes of materially driven people watching.

As tempting as this may be for the reward of being seen giving a lot of money or material items to the poor and less fortunate; it is clearly not the way to give. There are spiritual laws working behind you on this.

The Nature of Your Heart Matters

The Father will not reward you for your gesture if you give to the poor to be praised by others. Hypocrites exercise this style of giving to the poor. Indeed, they are merely giving to themselves in the form of receiving praise or adoration from onlookers.

When you give, give from the heart to help the other person, and do so as privately as you can. Obviously, there are times when public giving is necessary and okay. It truly depends on the nature of your heart.

Sometimes giving publicly encourages and inspires others to give, and this is good, but the wrong way to give is to give so others can see and consider you a nice caring, wealthy, rich and giving person.

Simply be the nice caring wealthily rich and giving person in the heart (and in the deed), and worry not about the accolades of giving. Leave the accolades to the Father in the Heavenly Kingdom to give out to you, which He will. Blessings.


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