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Is Jesus’s Last Name Israel

Is Jesus’s Last Name Israel?

Is Jesus’s Last Name Israel ?

Israel began as an individual entity, because Israel is God Himself. Israel is one of the many names and titles held by the God of the Bible. As God began the colonization process of the earth, the first land based colony of the earth that God took over was previously inhabited by the Canaanite people.

The land of Canaan was the land God desired, and as King, God took the land (from them) and gave it to the children of Jacob. God adopted the children of Israel (COI) and renamed them (Jacob to Israel) and the land after Himself, Israel.

Israel, now became a family and a kingdom. God gave His name to anyone who desired to be a member of His family. If anyone wanted to be a royal citizen of His Kingdom, the such took on God’s name!

Give God a praise and hand clap if understand the previous paragraph!

Israel is the family name of God, especially towards His children in the earth. Jesus is the King and Head (of this family). His Kingdom will be on the earth, and His kingdom will consist of His Imperial family, the children of Israel (house of Jacob). But, not them alone, this kingdom will also include everyone who decides on the King of Israel.

The King’s order begins with the “Jew” first, then the remainder of the sons of Adam.

There is order to everything concerning God. The family began and begins with the physical house of Jacob. However, the totality of the family will include everyone of the sons of Adam. As long as they willfully choose to become a part of the Lord’s family, Israel. This way no one is left out, every is included or invited in an orderly manner.

Another way to say this is, everyone on the earth has the choice to be a part of the family of God. This family is also known as the family of Israel. Once anyone is a part of the family, they will take on the family name, Israel!

Therefore, do not despise the name of Israel, rather embrace it. Once a part of the family, the family member will take on the benefits of a child adopted to a wealthy Father and King. 

Can you imagine that?

We can use the same verbiage for the kingdom’s sake (interchange family and kingdom). Once anyone desires to join the Kingdom of Israel, they become citizens. They become citizens of the Kingdom of Israel.

Once they are part of the Kingdom, they take on the benefits of the citizens of the Kingdom, under the King. I currently have citizenship in Nigeria, and the USA, but most importantly to me, is my citizenship in the Kingdom of Israel, praise God.


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