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I Myself Also am a Man


I Myself Also am a Man

I Myself Also am a Man

Many people forget they are but men.

They are of the dust of the ground that they were created and deserve absolutely no praise or glory. The only glory God says man can or should have is in that man knows the Lord.

Peter coming in to minister to Cornelius, a Gentile of the Italian Band and Cornelius did something natural. While Cornelius had been praying to God, an angel appear to him instructing him of what he is to do.

The instruction was to send for one Peter. Obviously, if the angel sends someone, we’d have respect for the one that was sent.

Nevertheless, the one sent was a man in this case, and Peter knew that and ordered the man stop worshipping him. Instead, Peter told him he is but a man and Cornelius should worship God.

We today are not to get into worshiping the man, minister, preacher, or anyone else. They are men, we are men, the glory belongs to God.

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