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Genesis 49a Jacob Blesses His Sons Concerning the Last Days

Jacob blessed Joseph and his sons and prophesied over all his sons regarding their pedigree in the latter days; this is how it went down. Jacob called all his sons to him. The agenda of the meeting was to tell each of them what would come upon them (their offspring) in the latter days (roughly the time of CHRIST to the present day).

Israel is their father and he tells his sons to listen to him, he began with Reuben his firstborn. Reuben has dignity and power, still, he was unstable and would not excel, because he went in to his father’s bed and defiled it (when he laid with Jacob’s concubine Bilhah (see Genesis 35:22)).

The next sons’ prophecies came to Simeon and Levi, he gave theirs together (he is going by birth order so far); Simeon and Levi are brothers of cruel instruments in their habitations. They fight harshly and can be wicked; they slew the village of Shechem and for sport destroyed animals.

Judah’s Hands Will Be in the Neck of His Enemies

Their anger was cursed because of how fierce it was; they were cruel in their wrath. They will be divided among Jacob and scattered in Israel. Simeon will be divided, Levi will be scattered. Judah was next. He is whom the brothers will praise and his hands will be in the neck of his enemies.

His father’s children will bow down before him because he is a lion ready to consume. Judah is fierce and no one will bother or rouse him up. In addition, the scepter will not depart from Judah, neither will a lawgiver depart from between his feet.

Not until Shiloh comes (which is CHRIST) and unto Judah by way of CHRIST will the gathering of the people be. HE will bind his foal to the vine and his donkey to the choice vine; HE will wash HIS garments in the wine, in the blood of grapes.

HIS eyes will be red with wine and HIS teeth white with milk. We just got a look at CHRIST’s first and second coming (Genesis 49a).


Principle: Passing down blessings and condemnation is something a father should do. However, in this case of Israel and his sons, they are the promised and adopted people, so this chapter is more so a prophetic must for Jacob and his sons and descendants. It is important for his descendants today to know the details of this chapter.

History: This is just part “A” of the chapter, but the sons are being blessed or reprimanded, and what they are reprimanded or blessed for will playout thousands of years later through the pages of history.

Prophecy: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah are all brothers with the same mother, Leah. Judah appears to have received the greater blessings out of the four as his seed will be the ruling tribe among the 12 tribes. This took place during the days of King David, and will further be fulfilled in CHRIST YASHAYA (YAHOSHUA, Jesus).

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