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Genesis 47: Joseph Introduced Father and Family Sustain Egypt

Joseph introduced his father and family to the Pharaoh; here is how it all went. The second in charge in Egypt took five of his brothers and presented them to Pharaoh. Pharaoh asked what they did (for a living) and they responded that they were shepherds.

They asked to dwell in the land of Goshen with their flocks. Then Pharaoh responded that anything Joseph wanted for his family, he should get; the whole land of Egypt was before them. Pharaoh also directed Joseph to make his brothers the rulers over his own personal cattle (since they know what they’re doing).

Finally, Joseph brought his father, Jacob, to meet the Pharaoh. When Pharaoh asked Jacob how he was and his age, the father of the twelve tribes gave a classic response.

I’m 130 years of age; few and evil have the days of the years of my life been. On top of that, I have not attained to the days of the years of the life of my fathers in the days of their pilgrimage.”

In other words, his life has been short and hellish and not as long as his father’s lived. Still, Jacob blessed the Pharaoh and went out of his presence. So Joseph placed his family in the land of Rameses and nourished them because the famine was sore.

All of the lands of Egypt and Canaan were hit hard by this famine. Joseph began to implement his plan by gathering the money for corn. The money was exhausted (finished quickly), which caused the people to barter their livestock. When that ran out, the people sold their land.

When that was done, they sold themselves as slaves or bondmen and women to Pharaoh. The Pharaoh technically owned all the land (where today’s governments probably learned how to get over on the people). The lands were sold except for the priests of the pharaoh (think 501c3).

Goshen the Land for the Israelites

Joseph gave them seeds to plant, but in their increase, they now paid taxes to the Pharaoh at twenty percent. The children of Israel stayed in Goshen and multiplied greatly. Jacob lived in Egypt for seventeen years, giving him a total of 147 years of age.

He asked not to be buried in Egypt, but in Canaan; Joseph promised to uphold his request (Genesis 47).


Principle: Preparation. Joseph knew the future and prepared for it. Even as he shared it with the Egyptians, many people still were not prepared. We must prepare for an uncertain future.

History: The people of Egypt became bonds to Pharaoh during this famine-crisis that took place during the time of Joseph’s rule in Egypt. This may be also where governments today get the idea to rule over their people.

Prophecy: The children of Israel root their foundations in Egypt.

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