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Genesis 42: Joseph Reunites with the Sons of Israel

Genesis 42: Joseph Reunites with the Sons of Israel: Joseph was made governor over Egypt and was given Asenath, a daughter of a priest of On. Joseph and his wife had two children, Manasseh and Ephraim. He was living well.

However back home his father Jacob saw that food was in shortage and sent his sons to go to Egypt to buy corn. He kept Benjamin back in case mischief would befall his sons and he lost Benji and Josey. The sons of Israel came to Egypt because the famine was sore in the land of Canaan.

They came to Joseph unaware that the vice of Egypt was their brother. They bowed themselves down to him, just as his dream had shared years ago. He remembered his dreams as he recognized them and he played games with them.

We All Have the Same Dad, Governor

He accused them of being spies in the land; this caused them to tell their life stories to him verifying they were his brothers. They told him they all share the same dad, one brother passed away (Joseph) and one was at home with their dad.

Joseph had them prove it by going back to retrieve his younger brother. Simeon stayed bound in Egypt as they went back to retrieve their youngest brother, Benjamin. The sons of Israel believed this was retribution or “karma” for how they treated their brother Joseph back when they were young.

As they left, they noticed their bags were filled with food, but their money wasn’t taken. They filled their father with the news of the journey and how they had to bring Benjamin in order to retrieve Simeon. Jacob was strictly against sending Benjamin; he refused to go to the grave losing his last son (Genesis 42).


Principle: What you do and how you behave is how the world will respond to you. If you treat people well, generally, people will treat you well. Of course, you will run into a few oddities to test you occasionally. But generally speaking, the way you judge is the way you will be judged as CHRIST stated. This was the case for the brothers of Joseph, the sons of Israel.

History: The famine is what brought the shepherd kings into Egypt. This is how Egypt became a place of Hebrew bondage. Mizraim was sustained by Joseph the Hebrew as an act of the ALMIGHTY to preserve life.

Prophecy: Abraham’s seed would go into a land that was not theirs and serve 400 years is now being fulfilled in Joseph’s promotion. Joseph is going to bring his entire family into Egypt.

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