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Genesis 37: Joseph and His Dreams

Genesis 37: Joseph and His Dreams: Joseph, one of the sons of Israel, began having dreams that got him sold by his brothers into Egypt. It began as Jacob and the family was staying in the land of Canaan as strangers.

At age 17, Joseph began to have these dreams and for some reason, he always ended up on top in the dreams. Speaking of on top, his father Jacob loved Joseph more than all of his children (even Dinah). This brought division amongst his brothers.

He’d share these dreams with his family bowing to him and they hated him more. One day, one of his dreams caught even his father by surprise; the sun, moon, and eleven stars came and made obeisance to him.

Joseph Was Going to Be Killed by His Brothers

His father recognized that the sun was himself (Jacob), the moon Leah, his wife, and the stars were Joseph and his brothers. That was it, his brothers planned to get rid of the dreamer; one day as Joseph was sent to check on his brothers they planned to kill him, but Reuben delivered him by suggesting they put him in a pit.

He thought that would give him time to return Joseph to his father. However, Judah took him and sold him to the Ishmeelites before Reuben could complete the rescue. Joseph was sold to the Midianite/Ishmeelites who then brought the lad into Egypt where he was sold to an officer of Pharaoh’s house. Jacob was told that Joseph had been torn to pieces by a beast (Genesis 37).


Principle: Follow your righteous heart. GOD ALMIGHTY gives each of us dreams, visions, and aspirations that we can convert into goals and desired destinations. As we go after our goals, obstacles will come, and unfortunately, they often come from the people who supposedly love and care for you the most. Your job is to never lose the vision that was given by the ALMIGHTY!

History: The man who would become the ancient Egyptian savior had a humble beginning of being sold out by his brothers.

Prophecy: Rejected by his brothers, Joseph becomes a prototype of CHRIST as he will be used to sustain and deliver the children of Israel. He will sustain them in their transition from Canaan to Egypt.

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