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Genesis 22: Abraham Sent to Sacrifice Son, Isaac

Genesis 22 Abraham Sent to Sacrifice Son, Isaac: The LORD sent Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac as a burnt offering in the land of Moriah. Abraham did exactly as the LORD commanded him to conduct. This could have been a sort of testing of his obedience.

Abraham found the place to sacrifice and took Isaac, who began to question his father about the items needed for the burnt offering. “Where’s the lamb,” the lad asked? Abraham bound Isaac and was soon to strike him when an angel of the LORD called out for him not to lay his hand upon the child.

For now I know that you fear GOD, seeing you have not withheld your son, your only son from ME,” was the angel’s response. Abraham was shown a ram and he sacrificed the ram. This act of obedience solidified and multiplied Abraham’s blessings; he and his seed will now possess the gate of their enemies.

All nations of the earth will be blessed in his Seed (Genesis 22).


Principle: Obedience; to be a faithful steward or child of the ALMIGHTY, one has to be strictly obedient to the LORD’s commands.

History: Abraham nearly sacrificed his son of the covenant, Isaac. Many people considered Abraham “nuts-on-Clark” for this if it were done today, but he was adhering to the true and living GOD.

Prophecy: Abraham’s seed will now possess the gate of their enemies; this mere action gave Abraham and his seed even more blessings and promises, confirmed.

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