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Exodus Chapter 20 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Exodus chapter 20 summary was the chapter all about the covenant of God with the children of Israel. The covenant was the Ten Commandments, which God came down on mount Sinai Himself to speak and spoke it to their hearing and in their sight.

They were commanded not to have other gods before the God of Israel. They were not to have graven images of any kind because God is a jealous God.

There was no taking the name of God in vain; they had to remember and keep the Sabbath day with their entire family. The first four commandments pertained to God and how to serve and love God fully.

Exodus Chapter 20 Summary

The remainder of God’s commandments pertained to mankind’s treatment of their fellow brothers and sisters. These included honoring parents for lengthened days on the earth; no killing, no adultery, no stealing or bearing witness falsely in a cause, as well as not coveting the things that belonged to their neighbor.

The children of Israel saw the thundering lightning smoke and noise of the trumpets and were extremely frightened that they asked God to communicate with Moses or a man who would communicate with them as a whole.

They no longer wanted to hear from God directly. Moses said God did that to prove them, that is to prove to them His existents and His mighty. Also, the Lord put on the theatrics to put the fear of God in them so they do not go sinning and despise His Holy Covenant.

This is the summary of the 20th chapter of Exodus, praises to the Lord God fo Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


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  1. Solomon Baza Msukunika Solomon Baza Msukunika

    Thank your for the press interpretation, meaning, in application to me who would need guidance in the way ‘ALMIGHT GOD ” wanted his people to understand and obey god in every area of life.

    • Praise the LORD Bro Solomon, bless, and you and may the ALMIGHTY keep you.

      Brthr Nhmyh

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