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Exodus 1 Commentary


In Exodus 1, we get generation of Israel, the souls that came into Egypt.  There were a total of 70 souls that came down into Egypt. At the end of the book of Genesis, the Israelites were living in Goshen. Goshen was the best part of Egypt. Joseph had been second in command of all of Egypt, until he died at the age of 110.

Because of Joseph’s help, Egypt survived a terrible drought—although they were now all slaves of the Pharaoh, but still at least they were alive. As time passed, the Hebrews increased in number. A new king came to power in Egypt, who did not know or care about Joseph. He care not what Joseph had done in and for Egypt.

He wasn’t happy that the Israelites were so numerous in the land. This Pharaoh set out a plan to stop the spread of Israelite domination in Egypt and this Pharaoh conceived a wicket plan.  This plan ultimately brought his country to ruin.

Exodus Chapter 1 Commentary

The Egyptians put slave masters over the Hebrews, to oppress them, however regrettably for the Egyptians, the more the children of Israel were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread!

There is a thing that happens to oppressed people, they get all sad and frustrated, but they go home to a spouse who is their comfort.  You may notice today at times the people with the most kids are people who are financially barely making it and are on the grind every day with labor.

The hard bondage did not help the Egyptians slow the children of Israel down. So they moved to the next tactic.  Since it wasn’t working, the king decided to try something harsher: He instructed the Hebrew midwives to kill any male children born to the Hebrews.

God blessed the Hebrews

The midwives refused to MURDER. However, when the king asked them why they were not carrying out his order, they told him that the Hebrew women “vigorous.” So vigorous that they always gave birth before the midwives could even arrive. Of course the Most High has His hand in this.  God blessed the Hebrews, and they increased even more.

So the Pharaoh gave up on the midwives, and commanded his people: “Every boy that is born (to the Hebrews) you must throw into the Nile, but let every girl live”.  The midwives, it should be pointed out, feared God, thus did not follow the order of throwing out the male children of Israel.

This is the first recorded motion of birth control set on a people; the Egyptians put on the Israelites.  This is a heartless thing to do, a cruel thing to do and the Pharaoh ordered it to be done.  In parts of the world today, this is being done, they may through a smoke-screen so it is not seen as clearly as it is written in Exodus chapter 1, however it is there.

This chapter ends with the plan in motion to be executed.


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