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The Eighth Day 2013 Celebration


Many of us are “believers” so that we can go to heaven or be in the Kingdom of God and have eternal life. If these are your goals as a Christian, then I certainly want introduce or reintroduce you to the Eighth Day 2013 Celebration (took place yesterday).

What the Eight Day represents is getting into the Father’s Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of God. Remember, flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. This is reserved only for the righteous and pure in heart.

The eighth day 2013 celebration is certainly a celebration indeed.


During Jesus Kingdom during the 1,000 years on the earth, there will be a mix breed of people; humans and immortals (as well as the angelic host). However, when Jesus will have subdued everything, Jesus Christ will present to the Father everything, ready as it was from the foundation of the world!

Play the Eighth Day 2013 Celebration Study Lesson

This short video will help outline the vitalness and celebratory nature of that great day, the Eighth Day Feast of the Lord. God bless you, in Jesus name!

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