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Deuteronomy Chapter 8 Summary

Deuteronomy 8 begins with Moses reminding Israel to (you guessed it), do all the commandments God commanded them to do.

They were to remember how God humbled them in the wilderness those 40 years to prove them and see what was in their heart. God proved them to see if they would keep the commandments or not.

The Most-High purposely didn’t give them water and stuff, to see if they would murmur and complain and quit serving Him.

God was attempting to teach them they do not live by bread alone. Instead, they should live by all the words that come from the mouth of the Lord. God wanted them to consider how a man corrects his son this also is how God corrected Israel.

Deuteronomy Chapter 8 Summary

Therefore, they are to keep God’s charge and His commandments and fear Him. Then He will take them into a good land where they will not lack anything. Only Moses warns them, they are not to forget their God by not keeping His commandments.

You would think they got it with the repetitiveness of the scripture, right?

Moses warns that it is possible to get full of success and good living and forget God. Even the same God who delivered them out of the terrible wilderness, and droughts of water, who performed miracles to prove them.

They may believe it was their own strength that got them their wealth when it was God who gives the power to get wealth.

The chapter ends with Moses testifying against them that they will perish if they forget and sin against God.

Moses says, as was done with the nations before them, the Canaanites, it will be done to them if they are not obedient to the voice of their God.

We pray for the Father to add blessings to the reading and doing of His Holy Word through His Son Jesus the Messiah. Amen!

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