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Chapter Summary: 2 Samuel Chapter 1 Summary

2 Samuel Chapter 1 Summary: Hey there Bible student, we’re into the second Samuel book, glad you’re here. The second book of Samuel’s first chapter begins as a continuation from chapter 31 of the first book of Samuel, which had a pretty sad ending.

Welcome to’s chapter summary series, do you need a quick summary of a chapter in the Bible, join us for the journey and learn a lot in our chapter summary series. Now back to 2 Samuel chapter 1 summary.

Chapter one begins with David and his men, they had just recovered all the belongings and the people who’d been kidnapped from Ziklag. Things were looking on the up, until a few days later.

Three days later a man came from Saul’s camp and bowed to David. He delivered the bad and sad news about Saul and his sons to David, including David’s main man and covenanted brother, Jonathan. David wanted to know how he knew this to verify it.

Lying Alert, Life Lesson Alert!

Instead of telling the truth, this man (an Amalekite) decided to twist the story to be a hero. He switched himself in place of Saul’s actual armor-bearer and took credit for putting Saul out of his misery after being wounded.

If you recollect, the armor-bearer refused to kill Saul, out of honor. This guy thought it would be an honorable thing and took the credit, believing David would be happy with him and give him a position in his admin.

David wept and fasted until the evening. When the evening came, he asked the man who brought the news of his whereabouts and nationhood; and then asked him why he wasn’t respectful enough to honor the Lord’s anointed. David had the man killed.

2 Samuel Chapter 1 Summary

He also said his blood is on his own head and not David’s. This was because he testified and admitted to killing the Lord’s anointed. What a reward! David began to lament over Saul and Jonathan, he wrote a song, with the famous quote, “How are the mighty fallen!”

He expressed his love for his brother Jonathan, a love that surpasses even that which a man can receive from a woman. This may sound a bit like intimate love between a man and man, but it is not (remember Leviticus 18:22).

It was simply a man expressing his gratitude love for his brother. The chapter ends, this is second Samuel chapter 1.

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  1. Zukiswa Mdolomba Zukiswa Mdolomba

    Dear Bible Study Ministry

    Thank you so much for the summary I just read and the clarity on why the “poor” guy was killed by David.

    From now on will no longer worry about about making summaries of the chapters I have read, I will just read through and come to you for the summary.

    Keep up the good work and may God bless you abundantly.

    • Zukiswa Mdolomba Zukiswa Mdolomba

      Noted, thanks.

    • Thank you Zukiswa, if you come upon a chapter that we do not have posted and would like to write for us and submit it, we would certainly love that and certainly site you as the author. Much love and much regards.


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