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Chapter Summaries: Genesis Chapter 41 Summary

Welcome to Genesis chapter 41 summary, still reading about Joseph and his plight and rise. Two years after the butler was released from prison, the same butler Joseph interpreted a dream for, the Pharaoh of Egypt had a dream and needed interpretation.

No one in all of Pharaoh’s realm was able to interpret his dream. The butler, who was imprisoned with Joseph had a chance to appear like a hero. He finally remembered Joseph’s talent and thus Joseph was called before the Pharaoh.

This was one serious dream, and back then people relied more heavily upon their communication with God or the gods. Joseph interpreted the dream of Pharaoh Sensuret II, and he gave God the glory. The dream foretold difficulties that would come upon Egypt after surplus years.

Genesis Chapter 41 Summary

The surplus would appear to have never existed because of the severity of the difficult years. Because of this, Pharaoh decided to make Joseph second in command in his kingdom to handle this challenge. Only behind the Pharaoh himself was Joseph after.

Joseph was provided a wife, who was the daughter of a priest and they have two sons named Manasseh and Ephraim. As the dream foretold, the famine kicked in hard after the surplus years and all lands were in grave difficulties.

All countries had to come to Egypt to buy corn from Joseph as his dream he interpreted to Pharaoh spoke of. This is the summary of Genesis chapter 41.


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