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Chapter Summaries: 2nd Samuel Chapter 17 Summary

Welcome to’s chapter summary series. If you need a quick summary of a chapter in the Bible, join us for the journey in our chapter summary series and learn a lot in the process.

2 Samuel Chapter 17 Summary begins with Absalom seeking the right counsel from his administration in order to hunt his father David, and take his life. Ahithophel, one of Absalom’s chief counselors, suggested they send 12,000 men to pursue after David and kill the king alone.  

They wanted to eliminate the king, but keep David’s administration to work in Absalom’s administration. Absalom was pleased with the counsel of Ahithophel, but still he asked Hushai (David’s eyes and ears) what he thought about Ahithophel’s counsel.

Remember, David’s a Bad Boy

Hushai disagreed with Ahithophel’s counsel. Hushai warned Absalom and reminded him and his cabinet that David was a man of war. Ahithophel warned them saying, “remember, he’s a warrior, he hid and evaded Saul, we’re not going to find or get this guy easily, and if we do, it will be hard to defeat him.”

Hushai was trying to explain that David had mighty men around him. They are all men of war, valiant men. Instead of pursuing David, Hushai suggested all of Juda’s top military get together with Absalom and use a more strategic approach.

Hushai suggests they first locate David and circle the area and slowly come upon him like dew on the ground. Absalom liked Hushai’s counsel better than Ahithophel; all of this was the Almighty’s doing so that He could bring evil upon Absalom.

Hushai, the Two Way Spy

Hushai, still working for David, had the plan told to both Zadok and Abiathar, David’s priests. He shared with them both his counsel and Ahithophel’s counsel. Hushai also warned them to tell the king to move from the base he was at in the wilderness. This way he isn’t entrapped.

David did what Hushai told him and the king and all his men crossed over the Jordan. Meanwhile back in Jerusalem, Ahithophel saw his counsel wasn’t taken. And figured it was the end of his career and life, for that matter. So he put his house in order and killed himself.

Ahithophel Kills Himself

While the chapter doesn’t share why he did this, it is believed he thought his career was over and he would be killed by either administration (David’s or Absalom). Or he was thoroughly embarrassed by being overlooked and killed himself. Absalom and his general, Amasa, proceeded to chase after David.

David and his men came into Mahanaim and a man of the children of Ammon catered to David and his men. This is 2nd Samuel chapter 17’s summary.

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2nd Samuel Chapter 17 Summary

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  1. Alexander Burchnell Alexander Burchnell

    Thank you for having these summaries up. They continue to help my bible study. Personally, I find it interesting that David’s son, Absalom, is now like Saul. Saul wanted to kill David and he pursued him for years. Absalom is now doing the same.

    • Hey Alexander, you’re welcome. More are coming; David’s son Absalom did turn into Saul or behaved as Saul did towards David. Thank you for being here and commenting! Let us know if there are other things we can serve you with.

      brthr nhmyh

  2. Anita Dunford Anita Dunford

    its about time that I tell you that I really do enjoy bible study ministries. I’ve read the bible several times from Genesis to Revelation. This time I am taking a summary analysis of each chapter I read, yes actually taking notes on each chapter. Let me say, that there is no way I could have ever gotten this far without bible study ministry. Thank you for the much needed information .

    • Oh WOW! Thank you for stating that, it definitely let’s us know we aren’t doing this for nothing. Sis Anita, you are a true daughter of the Most-High. Continue your study and may grace be upon you. We’re here to serve, you ever need anything deeper than the content provides, simply reach out. Love you and may His enrichments and grace and peace be upon you.

      Minister Koko

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