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Chapter Summaries: 1 Samuel Chapter 27 Summary

Chapter Summaries: 1 Samuel Chapter 27 Summary

1 Samuel Chapter 27 Summary

1 Samuel Chapter 27 Summary begins with David deciding not to stay in Israel anymore because of the dangers and pursuit of Saul. Instead, the future king of Israel went to the land of Gath with his 600 men and his two wives, Ahinoam and Abigail.

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The king of Gath, Achish, liked David. He gave David the city Ziklag, and it became a land the kings of Judah had all the way till the time of the captivity of Israel. David stayed in Gath, a country of the Philistines, for a year and four months.

While there he conquered the land of old inhabitants, Gershurites, Gezrites, and Amalekites, lands Joshua was supposed to take.

In the raids, David shows a real savage robust and warrior side. He killed women, men, and children, taking their sheep and oxen and clothing.

It was pretty bad.

David didn’t tell Achish what he’d done, and that is why he killed everyone so no reports came back to the king. In all of this, the king of Gath believed David was with him forever. This is chapter 27 summary of first Samuel.

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