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What Does the Bible Say About Islam

Welcome, so you want to know what does the Bible say about Islam?

Islam is a religion in the earth; it is one of the top three religions in all the earth and is growing rapidly, and much of it (as seen in the news) is by force (as on the African continent).

Does the Bible speak about the religion known to us as Islam?  Well, not specifically but the Bible is about all people and thus it does talk about the people that perpetuate religions.

Islam is a religion founded by the prophet Mohammed, who was from the lineage of Ishmael son of Abraham.

Islamist, or Muslims are not mentioned in the Bible, they are not even warned against by Jesus as He warned against another form of Christianity that will (or has) sprang up in recent times.

The sons of Ishmael or modern day Arabs practice Islam, as supposed, from their father Abraham, who is also the father to Isaac according to the scriptures.

Isaac is the son in whom the covenant between God and Abraham went to, and further it went to Jacob the second son to Isaac (Genesis 26 & 27).

The Arabs are not mentioned in the Bible, but it does not exclude them from the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. If a Muslim will accept Jesus the Christ into his life, as King and High Priest, they will receive eternal life as would anyone else.

In the Quran, many of the Biblical figures are mentioned and are noted.  Moses and Jesus are well known prophets in the Quran, but Jesus is not recognized as the son of God or to have been resurrected on the third day to ascend into heaven to sit on the right hand of the Father.

Many Islamist utilize the Bible for reference, but not as Holy doctrine. What does the Bible say about Islam? Nothing directly, but much indirectly, as it does with so many topics.

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  1. I raised in the church of the streets, my mother’s father as Baptist, as children my mother frequent the church of God in Christ, however she was wounded in her faith, and it changed her perspective, being a child under her roof , of course I followed suit,much like the stories of the bible my life took the shape of my environment, father no present, I didn’t even meet, a father type representative, until I was old enough to stand against these men my mother told me were my Uncle’s, seeing my mother physically beaten was Life changing to say the least, I believe God still has souls that he loves like the bible says he loved Job,,,,,, of course in my attempt to convert insanity into lemonade a young mind will grasp anything consistent, and available, I never joined a gang persay, however I’m guilty according to association, befriending these souls at the tender age of birth, was my right of passage,,,, since the gang mentality saturated my community, there all gangs, democrats, Republicans, police, fire men, the media, labor Unions etc,,,,, I became like my fore fathers, however it all prepared me for a high purpose, I truly believe in another life I was Muslim, a leader of royal decent, I’ve researched my ancestors were from Eastern Africa, they were captured sold into slavery by there own people, by way of the French slave trade, they reached Spain, by way of the Spanish slave trade my ancestors began to touch the shores of America, south Carolina and North Carolina, had the largest population of slaves with my slave Sr. Name , I believe through my research and studies that my family tree goes back to the Africans were wrote the first Bible

    • Brother James, that’s an amazing testimony. Let’s talk, I’ll shoot you an email.

      Brthr Nhmyh

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