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Barbara Walters Going to Heaven Special

Barbara Walters Heaven Special
Barb and the LAMA
Are you going to Heaven and do you believe in it? According to Barbara Walters report, nearly all people believe in some sort of afterlife belief. The thing that really grabbed my attention is that Christians and Jews all have the belief that they will travel to a place out of our current world and into pleasantness and peace.

The only shocking thing to me is that everyone (at least nearly everyone) whom Barbara Walters interviewed (this includes Pastors, Biblical Teachers, Scholars, Catholic Priest) all had what theythought heaven to be like. The list of things they looked forward to in Heaven to see (on a collective whole) was a peaceful place, where they would get to unite with loss relatives and friends, for an eternity.

I’m sure everyone looks forward to those things, but what else? I thought to myself, what else is missing in their Heaven quest? Two things come to mind for me and most Bible readers and serious followers of Jesus. One is that I will finally meet my Maker, Jesus Christ! The second thing, especially if I am a Christian, I would have simply read what the Bible has to say about going to Heaven (to Barbara).

I’ve had the good the good fortune of studying intensively on the different viewpoints of this topic and I have written plenty of good articles that you will want to read when it comes to going to heaven. First there are the articles I spotted on StreetArticles (articles written by real people). The title of one article is, “What Happens After You Die?”  Many people do not have a firm grasp on this Walters talks about Heavenand so they have tIt’s a good article that does exactly what the title infers. The second article you definitely read right after is “How To Go To Heaven” and this article breaks down that there are three levels of Heaven and you’d actually have to be particular about which Heaven you want to attend.

The last article points out where it is in the Bible that it refers or teaches about Heaven. The Bible is very descriptive of Heaven and the afterlife. I believe if we stop allowing Hollywood to paint our picture and description of Heaven, and instead read and study, we’d all have a clear picture of what Heaven is, where it is, and how it will be.

One of my favorite resources for Bible Study is a website called the Bible Study Ministry. With the subjects and lessons they have posted, you will learn a great deal. Barbara Walters did a good job in her Heaven special. To a certain degree, I do not think she was convinced of Heaven and I’m sure she did not have a concrete answer of what is Heaven and how it will be.

The first person I am looking to meet in Heaven is my Creator – what about you? Leave your comments about what you thought about the Barbara Walters special on Heaven.



Koko Ishe

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