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2013 Memorial of the Trumpets High Sabbath Day

Today is the God of Israel’s High Sabbath day, a Memorial of the Trumpets; which is a day in which we (servants of God – followers of Jesus Christ) are supposed to keep. Below is a brief video that outlines what this day is all about and why it is of salvational importance that we memorialize this day!

2013 Memorial of the Trumpets – High Sabbath

All of God’s High Days (Sabbaths) are outlined in the book of Leviticus chapter 23! The importance of the Trumpets are twofold: one they introduce the coming of a King, and second they represent conditions that will take place at the return of Jesus Christ. The events that took place during the days of the children of Israel strongly represent what is to take place at the end of the wold. The seven priest held seven trumpets and blew them as they took down Jericho (Joshua Chapter 6 v4, 20). These are the same seven trumpets that the Angels will blast when the last seven vials are poured out.

2013 Memorial of the Trumpets – High Sabbath

When Jesus returns at the seventh trumpet, the sky will roll back, the dead will be raised, the righteous living will be changed and meet the Almighty God in Heaven (before returning to the earth for completion of taking over the earth). Enjoy the video and be edified, enjoy God’s High Sabbath (2013 Memorial of the Trumpets), and continue to wait patiently on our God. Peace and blessings in Jesus name.


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