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Revelation 22 Chapter Study


Welcome back to – we are here finishing our reading through the book of Revelation and today we’re in Revelation 22. We’ve gone through this book, and plenty of people have voiced through the ages that Revelation is a scary book. This hasn’t been too scary. I’ve been more scared reading some of the words of Jesus in the gospels than these words here in Revelation.

Revelation 22 Bible Study

The bottle line is, if you receive the Word of God as the GOOD NEWS of the coming Kingdom, which will be full of peace, love, richness, health, and life forever with your Maker, then you will certainly stomach the carnage we may have to suffer or watch others suffer to get to that peace. After this chapter study, we are going to turn up the reading a bit, to get the understanding out further, so we are happy to help others usher in the kingdom of God. Let’s get to Revelation 22 now!

God bless you today, thank you for taking a moment in your day to study with us, we pray our study has been edifying to you and that you study with us again, and share it with others. At the top of our site we have our social pages, if you have twitter, facebook, and youtube accounts, please follow, like, and subscribe to our social channels. Peace and blessings in Jesus name to you!


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