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2 Samuel Chapter 5 Summary: Chapter Summaries

2 Samuel chapter 5 summary will tell us how David officially became king over the tribes of Israel. The chapter began with all the tribes of Israel as they came to David to make him king over them all.

They said he has led them before while Saul was alive, and thus he should lead them now. David was thirty (30) years of age when he began to reign and his rulership lasted 40 years.

He started seven and half years in Hebron over Judah and did thirty-three years over all Israel and Judah. At the time of his reign, the Jebusites were still living in the land. David commissioned whoever could remove them that such a person would become chief and captain.

2 Samuel Chapter 5 Summary

The Jebusites were so confident they couldn’t be removed, they didn’t think for one moment David could pull it off. They said their lame and blind people could keep David out. They must have been shape-shifting warriors.

Nevertheless, David began to grow pretty strong and great in the area, God being with him. The king of Tyre, Hiram, sent David cedar trees, carpenters, and masons who built David a nice palace.

David realized that God was establishing him as king over Israel and exalting his kingdom for His people Israel’s sake. The son of Jesse also began to marry more concubines and had more sons and daughters.

Yes, he was a man of God, yet still a man. The Philistines came against him in war, which prompted David to enquired of God to see if he should engage in battle and if he would win. David always asked if he would win.

The LORD told him to go up and that he would win, and he did. Sometime later, the Philistines came again. David enquired of the LORD, and this time the LORD God gave him a specific strategy of attack.

God told David He would go into the battle before David. It is good to have the LORD fight your battles. And this is the summary of 2 Samuel chapter 5, glory to Yah.


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  1. Dieudonne McCorvey Crawford. Dieudonne McCorvey Crawford.

    I really appreciate the opportunity that I have to read the book of David and I also learned from reading the Bible and the Sunday School books . The more I read the Bible the more I understand the God’s words. I thank God for his blessings.

    • Greetings and blessings; thank you Dieudonne for your comment. Continue in grace!

      Elder Ishe

  2. Daniel Manekshaw Daniel Manekshaw

    Nice explanation and briefly taught. Thanks be to God…

    • Thank you, brother Daniel, may the ALMIGHTY bless and keep you!

  3. Jackie Jackie

    Very well explained, Very understanding and easy to follow. So glad I found this site…Thank you.

    • Hi Sis Jackie, thank you, it is our pleasure. Thank you for commenting, continue in GOD’s graces.

      Elder Ishe

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