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2 Samuel Chapter 18 Summary: Chapter Summaries

2 Samuel chapter 18 summary will take us into the battle, David versus his son Absalom. David and his men began to regain their strength and mind as they went to stay in Ammon.

Chapter 18 began as David put his staff back together. He set them up in thirds, a band under Joab, a band under Abishai (Joab’s nephew), and the last band under Ittai a Gittite.

David listened to their counsel, but he had one request and it was that no one was to kill Absalom, for the king’s sake. The chapter made mention that everyone heard and understood the king’s order.

2 Samuel Chapter 18 Summary

The battle started in the woods, and the woods itself killed more men than the sword. It must have been a brutal terrain out there. During the battle, Absalom was trapped and tried to get away.

However, his hair was entangled in a large oak tree and he was caught and his mule continued off so he was literally hanging from the tree. One of Joab’s men spotted him and reported Absalom’s capture to Joab who told the man to kill him for money.

The man declined, he remembered and knew the king’s orders. With no one to do his wicked undisciplined work, Joab then killed Absalom himself.

David’s general put the equivalent today of three bullets into the chest of Absalom. That would be three spears or darts and thrusted them through the heart of Absalom, who was still alive when he did it. Joab then ordered ten men to put the finishing blows into Absalom. Joab had a personal thing against Absalom (perhaps that he burned his field a while back).

Joab sent tidings to the king through a man named Cushi, but Ahimaaz also-ran to give report also. Ahimaaz, the son of Zadok ran faster and got to the king first. He didn’t report that Absalom was dead, but Cushi did and the king wept over his son, Absalom.

This is the summary of 2 Samuel chapter 18, glory to Righteousness.


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  1. Alexander Burchnell Alexander Burchnell

    David is so much like Saul. He lost his sons just as the prior king did.

    • Hey Alexander, they went through similar circumstances, but in reality, or in relevance to their character, they were totally different.

  2. Alex Alex

    “David´s general put three bullets in his chest`?” do you guys hear yourself? I get that you´re trying to be funny but try to be accurate and true to God´s word.

    • Greetings Alex, your comment was dually noted and we’ve amended it; thank you for voicing your concerns.

      Minister Koko

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