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2 Samuel Chapter 12 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Welcome to 2 Samuel Chapter 12 Summary. Chapter 12 continued the saga from chapter 11 where David took the wife of Uriah the Hittite (Bathsheba). God, who had a front row to these events, sent the prophet Nathan to see David.

Nathan began with a story or parable for David. The parable was about a rich man with many sheep, and a poor man with just one sheep that he treated like his very own daughter.

When a traveler came to visit the rich man, instead of using one of his many sheep, he used the poor man’s only sheep. The story man David furious, as it did me and perhaps you also.

2 Samuel Chapter 12 Summary

The son of Jesse proclaimed that whoever did this deserved to die, and in addition, must needs to restore the poor man fourfold because of his actions. David was furious the rich man had no shame or pity.

Nathan then revealed that David was the man. David’s prophet (metaphorically) turned into the LORD as he quoted God speaking to David. God reminded David that He made David king over Israel, and delivered him from all of his enemies.

The LORD gave him many things and riches, and if he would have asked for anything more, God would have granted it to him. Therefore God asked, why had he decided to despise the commandment of the LORD and do such evil before God?

I’m speechless, I can only imagine how David was. David took responsibility right away and confessed, “I have sinned against the LORD.” He “manned” up. David’s punishment or consequence to his actions were also administered to him.

Forgiven, but Still Reprimanded

The sword would never depart from his house. In addition to this, God would raise up evil in David’s house, take his wives and do what he did secretly before the sun and all the people.

However, God had forgiven him of his sin so he wouldn’t die or lose his kingdom. God forgives and is merciful, but by no means clears the guilty. There are always consequences for our actions, even for great men who God loves and protects, as was in David’s case.

David gave and still gives the enemies of God great occasion to blaspheme God. The chapter concluded as God struck the son of David and Bathsheba with an illness so that the child died.

Also, David and Joab took a city from Ammon in war. Bathsheba and David had another child, whom they named Solomon and God loved the child. In fact, God even had Nathan tell David that the LORD called the child Jedidiah, for God’s sake.

This is the summary of 2 Samuel chapter 12, glory to the Holy One of Israel.


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