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2 Kings Chapter 3 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Here we are in 2 Kings chapter 3 summary, and this will cover king Joram of Israel as well as the rebellion of the Moabites. The chapter began with the reign of Jehoram, a son of Ahab.

He took over the rulership from his brother Ahaziah (who was ill and died and left no children). Joram reigned for twelve (12) years and did evil in God’s eyes however it was not at the level of his father and mother (Jezebel).

During his rule, Moab’s king Mesha turned away from being good to Samaria and came against him. Jehoram petitioned Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, to fight with him against Moab.

2 Kings Chapter 3 Summary

Three kings went to battle against Moab; Judah, Samaria, and Edom, but along the way, they lacked water to feed their horses. Instead of searching for water, they searched for a prophet and summoned Elisha.

Elisha made it clear he had nothing to do with the king of Samaria, and said if it weren’t for Jehoshaphat, he wouldn’t even talk to any of them. It pays to have some righteous associates.

They played music for Elisha and he prophesied that they would have water enough to feed their beasts. In addition, God would deliver the Moabites into the hands of the three kings.

They did just as Elisha spoke; God set it up for them to destroy Moab and they did. This is the summary of 2 Kings chapter 3, glory to the Honorable God of Jacob.


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