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2 Kings Chapter 22 Summary: Chapter Summaries

2 Kings chapter 22 summary is about king Josiah and the book of the Law of the LORD that was recovered by the priests. Prince Josiah was coronated king of Judah at the tender age of eight and ruled thirty-one years in Jerusalem.

He was a good king in the eyes of God, as he did much like King David before him. During his rule, specifically, in the eighteenth year, he sent his scribe, Shaphan, to Hilkiah the high priest.

Josiah’s aim was to fix the run-down house of the LORD and that required him to gather the tithes to pay the workers. Hilkiah found an old scroll that turned out to be the book of the Law of the LORD. The workers found the scroll while the work was being done.

2 Kings Chapter 22 Summary

Shaphan was shown the scroll. He then read the scroll and then took it to the king, to be read in his ears also. Upon reading it; everyone was frightened at the evils pronounced in it towards the people of the LORD.

The king humbly had his officials seek a prophet after he’d torn his royal garments. They found a lady-prophet named Huldah who told them everything they read would indeed happen.

However, because the king was humble when he learned of words in the book, the LORD would have mercy and allow him to die in peace and bring the calamity in another generation.

The LORD’s decision to have mercy was reported back to King Josiah (who we can say felt a bit more at ease). This is the summary of 2 Kings chapter 22, glory to the Long-Suffering and Patient God.


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  1. Annie Annie

    What is meant about the tore his garment is that a metaphor or did he actually tear his clothes?

    • Grace and blessings sis Annie; he actually or literally tore his garments. This was a cultural happenstance the Israelites practiced when they experienced tragedy. They tore their clothes and often shaved their heads and beards; it is a sign of mourning and humility. Thank you, Annie, continue in Grace.

      Elder Nehemiah

  2. Richard Whitt Richard Whitt

    Josiah (/dʒoʊˈsaɪ.ə/ or /dʒəˈzaɪ.ə/)[1][2] or Yoshiyahu[a] was the sixteenth king of Judah (c. 640–609 BCE) who, according to the Hebrew Bible, instituted major religious reforms. Josiah is credited by most biblical scholars with having established or compiled important Hebrew scriptures during the “Deuteronomic reform” which probably occurred during his rule. Josiah became king of the Kingdom of Judah at the age of eight, after the assassination of his father, King Amon. Josiah reigned for thirty-one years, from 641/640 to 610/609 BCE.[3]

    Josiah WAS 8 when he started to riegn, where do you get your info it was a typo.

    • Hi Richard, thank you for the info in the comment regarding Josiah. Thank you for the correction, my eyes thought the other scripture stated 18, but it says 8. We appreciate your set of eyes. We’ve made the correction.

      Elder Ishe

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