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2 Kings Chapter 14 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Into 2 Kings chapter 14 summary, we go, and this chapter began with Amaziah, king of Judah, as he took over the throne in Judah. He took over in the second year of Joash and was just twenty-five (25) years of age when he began to rule.

He ruled twenty-nine (29) years in Jerusalem, and did right in the sight of the LORD, but not to the level David did things. Everything was measured by David, who was a man after God’s own heart.

When the kingdom was confirmed for him (Amaziah), he killed the servants who killed his father, but he didn’t kill their children. Of course, this was according to the book of the law of Moses, he couldn’t kill the children for the sins of the parents.

2 Kings Chapter 14 Summary

Amaziah went to war and fought against Edom, and destroyed them. Then the king had a beef to settle with the king of Israel, Jehoash, who invited him to little battle.

Jehoash told Amaziah not to get too excited about his victory over Edom, that he shouldn’t start fights with “bigger warriors” referring to himself, that would lead to the king of Judah’s own hurt.

Amaziah wouldn’t listen.

They went to war, they even came face to face to fight each other, and Judah was put to shame before Israel, as Judah fled for their lives. Amaziah was captured and forced to give up a lot of resources to the king of Israel.

The chapter transitioned to Jehoash’s death as Jeroboam (the 2nd) took over his throne. Amaziah lived another fifteen (15) years after Jehoash died, but a conspiracy was staged against him and he was murdered.

Amaziah’s son, Azariah, was made king over the people of Judah at the ripe age of sixteen (16). Back in Samaria, Jeroboam the II was king and ruled for 41 evil years.

Jeroboam I & II the Same Kind of Guys…

He did all the things Jeroboam the first did, but he did do some good to protect his people from the affliction of other nations. He restored the coast of Israel from the entering of Hamath to the sea of the plain.

The LORD helped him, merely to protect the people and not blot out the name of Israel from under heaven. Jeroboam II died, and his son Zachariah took over.

This is the summary of 2 Kings chapter 14, GLORY to the Most High God and His Anointed forever.


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    Thanks for breaking down the chapter more clearly . I enjoying it with understanding. Thank you. !!

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