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1st Samuel Chapter 5 Summary


1st Samuel Chapter 5 Summary

First Samuel 5 begins with what the Philistines did with the ark of God, which they captured in a battle in chapter 4, against Israel. They brought the ark of God and set it in the house of their god, Dagon.

In the morning, the God of Israel knocked their god, Dagon, down on this face. The Philistines stood Dagon back upon his feet next to the ark of God, but the following morning it was back down on it’s face with it’s face and hands cut off.

Only the stump of Dagon was left that morning. God got a little serious about being around a false god, wouldn’t you say? God began to put plagues on the Philistines, as well as on Dagon their god, and when they started to develop diseases, they realize these plagues were coming from the arc of covenant, of the God of Israel.  

They began to make plans at that moment to get rid of the ark of God. They sent the ark of God to Gath, and diseases begin to spread among them, they were getting emerods in their secret parts.

Next they sent it to Ekron and the same thing happened there, it got to the point where sons of Gath thought the Philistines were trying to bring evil to them, through the ark of God. Many Philistines died simply trying to transport the ark of God out of their coast.

Moral of story, don’t put God on the level of false gods, who are no gods.

More chapter summaries to come in the future, for now praise the Lord through His Son Jesus the Messiah, and bless His Holy name. Also, blessings to you and we hope to see you again.

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