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1 Samuel Chapter 7 Summary: Chapter Summaries

1 Samuel chapter 7 summary. The glory may have left Israel a few chapters prior, but things will begin to look better, thanks to some turns in events presented in this chapter (including a new leader).

The chapter began with the men of Kirjath-Jearim as they came and picked up the ark of the LORD. It had been twenty (20) years since Israel possessed the ark of God as it remained in Kijathjearim in the house of Abinadab.

His son, Eleazar, was sanctified to keep the ark of the LORD there. The children of Israel lamented over the ark of the LORD but not for long. Samuel the prophet had the answer; he told them to put away their strange gods and deal with the God of Israel only.

1 Samuel Chapter 7 Summary

He proclaimed that if they did, God would deal with them as in times past. This was one of the turns of events for Israel; turning back to God. They listened and put away Baalim and Ashtaroth.

Samuel began the trespass offering asking God for forgiveness with a gathering in Mizpeh; it was a gathering in which they also fasted, prayed, and lamented. The Philistines heard about the gathering to the LORD and immediately went to break it up with a fight.

Samuel prayed diligently before God for Israel’s sake, and as the Philistines approached, God began a thunderous storm. The storm was so bad that it totally discomfited the Philistines and they were smitten before Israel.

Samuel called the place Ebenezer, which meant the LORD has helped us. This is also where we get our Ebenezer churches of today, by the way! The Philistines were subdued and never bothered Israel all of the days of Samuel as prophet and judge.

This is the summary of 1 Samuel chapter 7, glory to the all POWERFUL God of Israel.


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    Great Summary…of Chapter 7…..

    • Praise the Sovereign LORD and thank you for your comment. Blessings Patsy.

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