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1 Samuel Chapter 26 Summary: Chapter Summaries

1 Samuel Chapter 26 summary began with the same fate David has had the last few chapters, and that was being on the run. He had to continue to run away from Saul to preserve his life.

This time he found himself in the wilderness of Ziph with Saul in pursuit. Only this time, David found Saul before Saul could find him. The son of Kish had three thousand (3,000) men with him scattered in the mountains of the wilderness.

David took a man named Ahimelech the Hittite (David had a lot of Hamites in his camp), and Abishai (the brother of Joab) down to where Saul camped. Saul’s camp were all extremely fatigued and was once again found asleep; this was from the LORD.

1 Samuel Chapter 26 Summary

Saul slept with his sword pinned into the ground. Abishai had the keen desire to finish Saul with one blow. He begged David to allow him to kill Saul but David didn’t allow anyone, on his watch, to destroy the LORD’s anointed king or priest.

David would leave that to the LORD. The future king of Israel returned to his men and a great space from Saul. He also took Saul’s sword and water bottle, just to let him know he was that close to the son of Kish.

Then David called out and woke everyone up. He called out Abner for not protecting the king and communed with Saul as he asked what had he done against the king?

He said to Saul, if chasing after he was from the LORD, then he should give God an offering, but if it is from men, then those men were cursed before the LORD.

The chapter ended as David gave Saul his sword back through a young man and Saul blessed David and returned home. This is the summary of 1 Samuel chapter 26, glory to Honor.


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  1. Heike Heike

    Will use your site to help me better understand my daily reading.
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    • All praises to the ALMIGHTY and may HE be with you in your study and understanding, Heike.

      Brthr Nhmyh

  2. Alex Alex

    I believe you should put as much effort in proper research as you do in your comedy. Saul had a spear not a sword.

    • Thank you Alex, thank you for the knowledge of the difference of a spear and sword.

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