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1 Samuel Chapter 18 Summary: Chapter Summary

1 Samuel Chapter 18 summary introduced a new enemy for David and it wasn’t a Philistine. David’s success challenged Saul’s ego and self-esteem. The chapter began with Jonathan, the son of Saul, who became very close with young David and truly admired the son of Jesse.

He loved what he was able to do. Jonathan and David made an affinity that day, a covenant with each other because they were very good friends and love each other. Jonathan even gave David some of his best princely robes and his sword.

Saul now had David stay in the palace headquarters full time, no longer did he go home to live or stay with his family. He lived in the king’s court and only visited his father, Jesse’s place.

1 Samuel Chapter 18 Summary

David had the respect of Saul’s people so everything was good and pleasant. It was all good until the end of one particular battle. When Saul and the military returned home, the women came out to greet Saul after they defeated the Philistines.

The women sang and danced, but they gave David more credit and praise than they gave the king, Saul. This began Saul’s quest to kill his main general and servant in his kingdom. Saul began to devise ways to kill David.

He gave David his daughter Michal, who was a “handful” because Saul said she will be a snare to David. Also, Saul sent David into some of the hardest battles against the Philistines and asked for a nearly impossible dowry for his daughter to David in marriage.

David Behaving Wisely…

The dowry was one hundred foreskins of the Philistines. Gruesome alert. David had to kill a hundred men and circumcise them and bring it to Saul (some really sick stuff here).

The son of Jesse went out and killed two hundred men and brought their circumcised flesh back to Saul. David was a true overachiever). He was given Michal as a wife but Saul knew God was with David, and he became even more afraid of David.

His fear strengthened because David behaved humble, meek, respectful, and wise with Saul and all his princes. This gave Saul no occasion against David, which made it all the more complicated to remove him.

This is the summary of 1 Samuel chapter 18, glory to Honor.


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    Wonderful summery of 1 samuel chapter 18

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