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1 Kings Chapter 7 Summary: Chapter Summaries

1 Kings Chapter 7 summary is a brief chapter about Solomon’s palace construction and everything inside and outside of it. At the same time, Solomon was building the LORD’s house, he was also building a house for himself.

I guess we really can’t call it a house, but more a palace for the kings of Judah to reside in during their reign (like a White House). This was how chapter seven of first Kings opened.

Solomon was busy building, he made a house for the daughter of Pharaoh that he married, and it was made with expensive stones. Solomon sent for Hiram, whose mother was from the tribe of Naphtali, but his father was from Tyre.

1 Kings Chapter 7 Summary

This guy was filled with wisdom, skill, and understanding in working in brass. He did the work for Solomon that was needed. Hiram got to work, he did some heavy work for king Solomon for the house of the LORD.

He made two bronze columns that were twenty-seven feet tall and six feet in width. Hiram also made a large bowl or molten sea; it was seven and a half feet deep.

He put together ten portable bronze stands that were four and a half feet high, six feet long as well as six feet in width. He made wall panels decored with flower designs, as well as the figures of lions, palm trees, and cherubims.

It was delightful art to behold, fit for the KING, LORD, and GOD. When the house was finished, Solomon then brought in the dedicated things David dedicated, such as the silver, gold, vessels, and instruments and the such.

This is the summary of 1 Kings chapter 7, glory to the King of kings.


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  1. Leshi Abiodun Leshi Abiodun

    This passage instruct me that there’s nothing too much to give God , whatever you have come from God give back to God. Don’t hold back anything from God cuz whatever you give to God you are getting bad in multiple

    • Absolutely. In this life, the Creator is observing what we do with little, so He can evaluate what we will do with much! Give and give joyfully. Bless you Leshi

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